I have compiled a list of useful resources on internet which I come across. If you find any interesting resource and want to get it added here, reach out to me and I will check it out.

Sanskrit & Vedic

  1. Vedic Heritage

    Read Vedas, Upanishads and more online


    Search-able plain text

  3. Sanskrit Books

    Sanskrit Books

  4. The Sanskrit Library

    Sanskrit Library

  5. SARIT

    Various Indic texts online

  6. Rig Veda

    Hymns to the mystic fire - Shri Aurbindo

  7. Sanskrit Typing

    Type in Vedic Sanskrit using online virtual keyboard


  1. Naval Ravikant

    His thoughts and ideas on startups

Mental Models

  1. Elementary Worldly Wisdom

    Charles Munger on worldly wisdom


  1. The Rabbit Hole

    Summary of various books

  2. Tesla Memorial Society

    On life and mind of Nikola Tesla