Karna Robot

21 April, 2018

Phase 1, Day 2: All connections and motor driver program. Arduino sends signals for motor control driven by 2 L293D circuits.

15 April, 2018

Phase 1: Setting up basic functionalities, controls and algorithms.

Day 1: Testing of Arduino, motor driver circuit and motors. Code for motor control.

List of components for Day 1 (with links to purchase for ready reference):

  1. Arduino: UNO board
  2. L293D motor driver: circuit A, 1 unit or circuit B, 2 units
  3. DC Geared Motors: 100 RPM, 4 units
  4. Chassis: Strong metal chassis for long life
  5. Tyres: Tyres, 4 units
  6. Battery: DC battery (Link to alternative)
  7. Connectors: Battery clip with male connector
  8. Wires: Jumper wires

Assemble the parts and make connections.

Code for motor controls can be download from Github

The Karna Robot Day 1

14 April, 2018

Features & Characterstics: The Karna Robot will be able to:

  1. Do regular household work
  2. Connect to internet for searches, reservations, shopping and task scheduling
  3. Able to respond to voice commands of administrator
  4. Understand and respond to underlying human emotions from a text, speech or action
  5. Follow Asimov's 'Laws of Robotics'
  6. Understand and respond to humour and sarcasm
  7. Have security and protection features
  8. Understand complications of moral values

10 April, 2018

I am building a personal robot. Very soon we will see influx of capable robots around us for all kinds of work. I do not intend to buy one, so I am creating one of my own.

I have worked on a wide range of technologies like embedded systems, web development and machine learning. I intend to bring all these technologies together to create a functional robot for persoanl use.