With education in Finance (MBA) and engineering, I have worked with L&T Finance as a project manager and Embecon Systems as an embedded systems developer. Currently, I am building internet and design companies.

Balcony of Joy is an urban designer gardens firm. It's changing the concrete landscape of our cities by setting up designer gardens in urban spaces like balconies, terraces, offices, commercial spaces, hospitals and even in living rooms. I am involved in operations, strategy and branding.

Thoughtlytics Internet Pvt. Ltd. is an internet company, working towards 'thoughtful analytics'. We are developing proprietary algorithms to understand users behavior with the use of data.

Intuitive embedded tech is an education company, providing interactive tech courses in the fields of embedded systesm, robotics, IoT, Python programming, machine learning and data science.

Balcony of Joy
Thoughtlytics internet private limited
Intuitive Embedded Tech Education


  • Machine Learning & Data Science
  • Web & App
  • Finance