Anchor your passion with a relaxed mind

Posted on: 14-04-2017 | Category: Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur I often come across unpredictable and not-so-comfortable situations. Though as an engineer, I had learned some life hacks to sail through tough times, but nothing, neither education nor corporate job, prepared me for the overwhelming width and depth of these situations.

Initially the challenges were small and I could manage them using my previously acquired arsenal. But as I moved ahead and factors which I had no control on, started playing bigger roles, I saw my efficiency and decision making capabilities getting hindered by sheer size of emotional upheaval, unpredictable situations bring along with them.

Issues like technical challenges, finding right people, managing vendors, never ending maze before closing a sales order and cash flows, kept me on my toes. More than the challenges themselves, I found the emotional tricks that mind plays during such times difficult to handle. Until, I learned to keep a relaxed mind.

It feels bad when you work hard and sales do not improve or some project get stuck for a reason that seems so silly that you didn’t even factored for it to begin with. In business, things go wrong always. It’s very rare for things to actually go as planned. Over the past year and half, I have learned to manage all these challenges by keeping a relaxed mind.

A relaxed mind, especially at difficult times, gives a much needed space to think and take the next action. Absorbing all the details and taking a decision is best done by a calm mind. I have learned, no matter what the challenge maybe, never lose being relaxed and you will sail through well.

I have devised two specific techniques to keep a relaxed and calm mind. These came to me by themselves and became my nature –

1. Relax your breath: Our mind has a direct connection with the breath. Whenever I found myself out of my comfort zone, I also found my breath changing its pace. So when the mind can change the pace of breath, manipulating the pace of breath can also change the mind. Whenever in need, I attempt to relax my breath and this in turn relaxes the mind.

2. Be a Spectator: Many times I have found its helpful not to try to feel as if I am controlling the things or at the center of it. Rather I step aside and look at the things as a spectator, absorb all the details and then come back into the game with a new energy.

It took me days and weeks to adopt these techniques but now these come into action by themselves. Entrepreneurs are passionate people, a relaxed mind is essential to anchor this passion.

(This article was originally published on my linkedin profile here)