Marketing and sales strategy for startups

Posted on: 20-11-2017 | Category: Entrepreneurship

This article discusses the actionable marketing and sales strategy for early stage startups. The aim is to provide ways to create initial marketing efforts, reach out to the early adopters, build a community and generate sales during the early days of a startup, especially when co-founders are working without any specialized team with them.


  1. Tell the world about what you do
  2. Build trust by creating useful and/or entertaining content
  3. Create a community around early supporters


  1. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but put yourself in front of customes as often as you can
  2. B2C: Enjoy the rush of Adrenaline, Merchandising is like winning a competitive sport, every sale gives a high.
  3. B2B: Always run all scenarios before a client meeting, do not readily agree to a counter-offer without asking for extra benefits / cross sale
  4. B2B: Do not revel too much to receptionist, engage with them on a lighter node or not much at all.
  5. Push marketing is for hustlers. Long term value is created using pull marketing. Customers should want to buy our products and services. Pull marketing gives a company the power of pricing, independent of competitors.