Achieving something in Life

Posted on: 02-02-2018 | Category: Life

What does it take to achieve something in life? What is the best age to expect success in one's life? Which is the best field of work one should choose to become successful?

Sportspersons became successful very early in their life while politicians reach their peak towards the end of their career in the late 50s. There are people at the top in every field and there are people struggling throughout their lives to make ends meet in every field. So there is no correct age for success and there is no best field to choose to become success.

Below is my take on achieving success in life

  1. It takes immense amount of hard work, sustained over a period of time to achieve something in life, in any field.
  2. One can do this amount of hard work every single day only when there is an internal motivation to do so, only when one can get up in the morning filled with the desire to work.
  3. This kind of internal motivation is possible only for something we really love to do and we really love to think about all the time, something which gives us a purpose, which can engage our energies all the time.
  4. Find that 'something'. Try out different things. We come to know about things only when we do them, not by thinking or reading about them.
  5. One can be successful at any stage of life. There are no age or resources constraints. Whatever stage of life we are at, if we can find something which inspires us every day, we can be successful in that field.