Subtle Laws of Nature

Posted on: 15-03-2018 | Category: Life

This universe is governed by fixed rules, whether one call them god's rule, laws of science or laws of nature, they act upon each one of us in exactly same manner. We spend large part of our lives learning all kind of things without caring much about the very laws that affect our lives every moment.

I have created a repository of all laws of universe that I have come to know. I will keep adding more as and when I realise one.

  1. Feel all kind of emotions.
  2. Energy is the currency of the universe. Focus is the way to spend this currency.
  3. Too much focus on anger, sadness, unfavourable situations in life, make us spend more engery on them, much like we buying more of those from universe.
  4. Feel the anger, sadness, negativity, its human but shift your focus to something good or urgent or at the moment before negative forced take you to a long depressing session.
  5. Facial expression reflects your thoughts. Positive thoughts make you attractive. People will flank and love you for no reason at all.