Conscious creation of our destiny

Posted on: 12-07-2018 | Category: Spirituality

Whatever happens in our lives, our destiny is our own creation. We create it by our actions, our thoughts and our emotions. Sub-consciously we create our destiny by our sub-conscious actions and thoughts. These are results of our old habit patterns, our memory data accumulated through many lives.

These sub-conscious actions, these habit patterns are so embedded in our lives that we dont realise these taking place and creating our destiny as separate process.

If we can create our lives, our destiny sub-consciously, we can also create it consciously.

Consciously we can create our lives the way we want it, if we take actions, generate thoughts and emotions conducive to our desired goals and not as per our old habit patterns. This breaking of old habit patterns and following new well-thought actions require self-discipline and practice. Daily meditation will enable us in doing so.

This post is inspired from the teachings of Sadhguru and S. N. Goenkaji.